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"San Tan PT is a well staffed and knowledgeable team of professionals. Their assessment of my primary issue and targeted treatment plan realized improvements quickly. I am glad I went to them and would do so again without hesitation. Thank you Joal and your support staff."
Nov 21, 2023
"Another round of pt was ordered by my doc. I've been coming here for years. Joel has not only a great professional staff but one of the friendliest as well. My wife needed pt I told her to have our doc recommend this place. She knows why now."
Nov 09, 2023
"Physical therapy team ,Joel and crew are great they provided me with great care, friendly environment, family feeling. I will always choose their services when in need. I greatly recommend them. Thank you"
Nov 06, 2023
"Dr Miller and his team are awesome. From the moment of my first visit to their shoulder seminar to my last visit of PT, all the employees were professional and educated to help you through what ever pain you’re experiencing. I highly recommend seeking out a session. "
Oct 18, 2023
"Great staff and environment. Targeted excersizes to help with your specific situation. I have an unique and challenging diagnosis that they have worked through. Amazing how much progress I have made and truly grateful for all they do. "
Sep 15, 2023
"This is about the third time I’ve gone to STPT for post-surgical therapy, & I’ve been happy every time. Joal & his team are very professional and on top of every need & how to treat it. My painful spine issues are now taken care of, hopefully forever. Thank you for your very kind support!"
Sep 11, 2023
"San Tan physical therapy is the best! They are professional, knowledgeable, and skillful at identifying the problem. Their standards are high and they really care about you as a patient wanting you restored to full health. Highly recommend for any physical therapy needs. "
Aug 22, 2023
"No need to look elsewhere for your PT. I also experienced 2 other locations before STPT without success, I felt worse. Joal and his team are very professional and listened to me. I asked they provided more and different maneuver for my needs. When I keep up with the exit exercises they provided I am pain free. When I need PT again I will go back to STPT."
Aug 05, 2023
"I was treated for lower back pain, and they were very helpful in getting me back to normal. "
Jul 14, 2023
"My wife had been treated 3 times (hip replacement, knee replacement and major back problems) in the last three years. The outstanding results made San Tan Physical Therapy my clear choice when I needed help with my knee due to an impact injury to the point I could not stand and walk without difficulty. The exercises and the hands on treatment has resulted in an improvement in my range of motion and reduced difficulty in my daily activities. I appreciate everything that was done."
Jul 10, 2023
"When I started p.t my range of motion was extremely limited in my shoulders. I couldn't lift my arms to reach shelves or take clothes off top hangers in my closet. I had great difficulty washing my hair and doing household tasks. I couldn't sleep because I couldn't get comfortable, and that with the discomfort and pain negatively impacted my quality of life. After pt my range of motion has improved to be able to do everyday activities, plus I can sleep which helps all aspects of my life, I am so grateful for the knowledgeable and professional staff and physical therapist who have helped me regain normal range of motion. Thank you!"
Jun 12, 2023
"Just a few weeks ago I was experiencing the most excruciating and persistent back pain and lack of mobility of my life!! I found even the slightest bending or twisting impossible. A Number of projects I needed to complete were put on hold. My treatment at San Tan Started with an assessment by Joel and a deep muscle loosening massage, which provided immediate relief. The cumulative effect of ten session has left me feeling strong and active again. I completed a project that involved installing some benches in the tight confines of my truck camper shell with no issues, I also have a bounce in my step again. Ready to take on a summer of activities now. Also, Robyn, Joal and the San Tan team printed out the exercises I did, so I can build on my gains at home. Backpack Trip awaits!!!"
Jun 06, 2023
"After working with me in every way possible to alleviate the severely nagging chronic shoulder pain I had endured since age 66, the wonderful staff at San Tan PT played a major part in convincing me to get TWO shoulder replacements since January of 2021. Because of their expert healing programs and patient, warm yet focused professional atmosphere, my successful recovery was almost pleasurable . Ortho Arizona surgeon William Patterson and San Tan PT worked brilliantly together to reduce my chronic shoulder pain from a 9 or 10 with very poor flexibility to 0 pain and enough flexibility to enjoy all aspects of daily life again. I will never forget how Joal, Robyn, Jennifer and the whole staff gave their unwavering support and tirelessly hard work which increased my productivity and motivation to grow as a teacher more than anything else. Of the many answers I've received to my prayers these last 5 years, finding San Tan PT is definitely at the top of the list! "
Feb 27, 2023
"I was very apprehensive when I came for my first appointment because of a very bad PT experience elsewhere. Joal was recommended to me to someone who also had rotator cuff surgery. He listened & created a program that I was able to do. Applying heat & a Tens unit before working out along with the massage after really helped with my recovery. The staff is a "10"!! I highly recommend San Tan Physical Therapy. Thanks for getting me back on track ."
Feb 03, 2023
"The therapists here are AMAZING!!????? After going to another physical therapy location close to my home for rotator cuff injuries I was very discouraged. I had very little results after many weeks of therapy and I didn't feel like I was being heard. I also didn't feel like I was part of my own treatment. All that changed when I found SanTan Physical Therapy. From the initial consultation I knew this place was different. Joal asked many questions, listened to my answers and explained his recommendations in detail. I now travel 4 hours in the beginning of the week and stay with a friend for the 3 days I have my therapy scheduled for, then take the 4 hour drive home. Why? Because Joal and his team are incredible. They listen, they care they help you get to feeling better. I never feel rushed or pushed to do more than I physically can. They listen and encourage me to do only what I comfortably can and if something isn't working, they listen and make the adjustments I need to get the most out of my recovery with as little discomfort as possible. They use multiple methods of therapy from heat and electrical stimulation, targeted movements and strengthening exercises to my favorite hands on therapy. They do so much more as well. Check them out!!! You will be happy you did. "
Jan 31, 2023
"Great and friendly staff! My rotator cuff injury was diagnosed properly and restored back to normal very quickly. Communication about the injury was thorough in understanding what to expect. Periodic assessment was encouraging during the therapy process. Super therapist's! "
Aug 18, 2021
"I was treated at San Tan PT and I can say without a doubt (I have had to be treated for other injuries but this is my first with San Tan) San Tan has the best staff and Therapists without a doubt. Lorena is by far the single most talented Therapist I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. The Elite crew of Nicolas and Jillian are tremendous! Robyn, Jimmy and the others are a pleasure to work with. Thank you Joal for a super team."
Dec 22, 2020
"I would highly recommend using SanTan PT. The staff from the front door all the way to the Doctor treat you like they care. They take the time to work with you and help you assess where you are and what you need. They will be my goto PT solution for any future needs."
Dec 07, 2020
"After having total knee replacement I got quality care from Joal and his team. I quickly gained my strength and flexibility back due to their knowledge and care. Thanks a million. "
Mar 04, 2020
"I have been to San Tan physical therapy two times over the past year. One for PT for a broken heel and most recently for a stabbing pain in my back that was bringing me to my knees. Joal and his staff gave me back a pain-free life. It took about four visits before I started to notice a difference and by 8 visits I knew I was on the right track. I graduated this past week after 6 weeks of physical therapy, two visits a week. Both of my experiences with San Tan physical therapy have been exceptional. The staff are friendly, caring, like a good laugh, and above all are experienced and professional. They are easy to talk to and very good listeners. I cannot recommend them highly enough and would go back to them in a heartbeat if I needed future physical therapy. They are, simply, the Best!"
Aug 17, 2019
"I am extremely happy with the treatment I received at STPT. I had a total knee replacement, and whole staff helped me greatly on the road to recovery. They are all so supportive, encouraging, and yes they make you work for your own good, but they are also fun. In the beginning Robyn & Joal also gave me the emotional support I needed, as I had never really gone through a major surgery like this. If I ever need PT in the future I will go back to them. I totally recommend San Tan Physical Therapy! "
Jun 12, 2019
"I had a great experience with San Tan Therapy.The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. My doctor gave me a few choices and I am glad I chose San Tan Therapy."
Jun 27, 2018
"I've been going to San Tan Physical Therapy for multiple surgeries two knee replacements and a rotator cuff surgery. The entire staff worked beautifully in getting my knees and shoulder back to where it belongs as I now have full motion in both my knees and shoulder. I just want to thank Joel and his staff for all the help they gave me as I can now go back and play Pickleball without any issues."
May 15, 2018

When I came here I could hardly move my left arm. The PT team here is wonderful. They work you and push you through the pain, but it is worth it. I can use my arm again!. I will come here for any future PT needs. Joal and the entire staff make the visits very pleasant.

Linda M. April 17, 2019

My experience at San Tan Physical Therapy was extremely positive during a painful time for me with my shoulder. I was first referred to physical therapy for a hip issue I have been living with for more than five years. I finally decided to try physical therapy to see if I could find relief from the side effects I was experiencing. After the initial evaluation from Joal, I started going to PT two times per week. I needed exercises that would help with my flexibility. I was sure that my time was going to be painful and dreaded putting the time in to improve my hip flexibility. I found my expectations to be totally wrong. The staff at San Tan Physical Therapy are extremely professional, caring, humorous and genuinely want to help you reach your goals. In the middle cf my two a week for my hip, I hurt my shoulder. I showed up hoping for some relief for my shoulder. The staff was extremely sympathetic but needed a referral from my doctor. So, I quickly made that happen and showed up with my referral. By then I was really hurting. Joal was so nice, he made time during his busy schedule to evaluate my shoulder even though I was not­ scheduled to have this done. Sure enough, I could not lift my arm over my head. Those of you have been in my situation know how difficult that makes day to day living. They immediately) began treatment – started me off with some exercises that helped me regain some use, so I could begin to function day to day. I then continued working on my hip flexibility and shoulder function. The atmosphere at San Tan Physical Therapy is positive, caring and gives a sense of a very supportive community. They focus on completing the exercise with a correct technique which helps gain function and flexibility. I miss everyone on a weekly basis. My shoulder has healed, and my hip flexibility is a work in process. Joal has been the only professional who has diagnosed my problems with my hip and helped me understand what my next steps will be. I know in the future if I have questions I can call, and he will help me understand my options. I want to thank Joal, Robyn and Kevin, they truly care about you as an individual and a patient.

Molly K. April 15, 2019

After knee surgery I struggled with most activities that involved bending my knee or bearing weight. Pulling my suitcase through multiple airports, climbing stairs and even bending the knee enough to get in and out of small places was a challenge and very painful. After working with Joal and his staff, I found bending my knee was becoming increasingly easier. After a few months of specific stretches and exercises, I find that there is very little I cannot do with my knee. I have almost a full range of motion and weight bearing is no problem. Thank you for your help and support in healing my knee and getting me back to the activities I enjoy the most.

Kimberly P. April 1, 2019

I recommend San Tan Physical therapy to everyone. Everyone that works here is so very thoughtful and kind. Thanks for all you have done


Everyone was so nice and helpful. Great Customer Service! Thank you so much. I appreciate all of your hard work.

M Ochoa

I enjoyed the staff and the environment.

Miguel C.

I love you guys!

J Cuevas

They have the best people working here. Very knowledgeable. Friendly and always a smile. Wish I didn’t get better so I can continue to come. God Bless Always.

K. Sanders

My experience with San Tan Physical Therapy was GREAT. Personnel were helpful and courteous. The exercises helped relieve the aches and pains getting me back to normal! I would recommend!

W. Nelson